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A simple, and effective water-based cleaner and protectant for all leather surfaces.

Concours NOURISH is an easy to apply, cleaner & protectant for pigmented and non-pigmented leather surfaces. It can be used as a ‘quick detailer’ for your leather, as the solution will clean, hydrate and protect the leather all in one step.

It is a water based solution that is made for automotive & genuine leather. It also is the perfect topper for "Concours GUARDIAN" as it will keep the leather coating constantly performing at its best while continuing to clean the surface of all impurities.

If you are looking for a quick and easy step to clean, hydrate and protect your leather surfaces, then Nourish is perfect for you. 



  1. Spray onto microfiber cloth or directly onto leather surface
  2. Wipe off straight away with light pressure
  3. Let cure for 20 minutes


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