TIDE | Dual Applicator

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Innovative, and versatile dual-sided applicators that feature a suede side, and a short-pile microfiber side. 
About TIDE

Nv TIDE is a dual-sided microfiber applicator that is perfect for applying waxes & sealants. It spreads the product evenly and is effortless to use. The suede side doesn't absorb any product and is perfect for a final wipe, leveling the product and making sure results are consistent. 

  • 14cm x 14cm
  • Dual sided, short-pile microfiber and suede
  • Korean weave
Care Instructions
  • Wash in warm water for best results (between 30-60 degrees celsius)
  • Can be machine washed, or just washed by hand
  • Do not use any fabric softeners as this can clog up the fibers
  • Use a soft, gentle detergent for cleaning
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