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The NV Journey has been a memorable experience, packed with innovation and numerous different formulations that have ultimately resulted into a unique range of car care products. We began tackling car care and microfiber development behind the scenes, selling to major car care brands, and developing OEM product solutions for over 15 years.

Our products surfaced unofficially years ago under the brand name Concours Car Care in a quest to innovate and fill gaps in our online stores. This quickly morphed into something much more than just a select few products, and our love for innovation and creation materialised. In 2016 after years of testing, utilizing manufacturing facilities in Japan, Germany, UK and Australia - we released the full Concours Car Care Range.

We have continuously refined our products, bringing in different formulations to help complete the range. In 2019, to achieve a better footprint overseas and further facilitate the growth of the brand, we changed the name to NV. With our range strengthening and passion for innovation burning brighter than ever, we are looking to make massive moves in the future.

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