Nothing lasts forever. But during this coating systems lifecycle you will experience characteristics unlike any other wax, sealant or coating.

SUPERNOVA is the ultimate glass coating system, utilizing two unique coatings to properly protect your vehicles paintwork. By using two coatings, it allows us to achieve results that cannot be matched from a standalone product.

NOVA EVO is made using a set of active ingredients that focus on creating a deep, darkening hardened layer. The coating is on the limit of hardness for automotive paintwork and has a ground-breaking bond to the surface that makes it difficult to remove even with abrasive polishing. However, to create a coating so specialised and advanced in these areas, there has to be a compromise. To surpass this barrier of compromise, NOVA Si was born.

Colour enriching gloss, epic hydrophobic water behaviour and a self-cleaning effect like no other. NOVA Si creates an ultra-smooth glass coating on the surface, that negates swirling through surface friction. The layer provides slip to the surface making it the perfect sacrificial barrier on top of NOVA EVO. The unbelievable hydrophobic capabilities of NOVA Si can be accredited to its molecular structure. The coating creates a surface that is negative in charge, as water itself has a negative charge, NOVA is able to repel water and achieve ground breaking hydrophobicity shown through immense water beading like no other coating on the market. The surface keeps the vehicle incredibly clean & makes maintaining it so easy thanks to our carefully developed maintenance range.

Using these two coatings in combination with each other, (NOVA EVO being the first part & NOVA Si being the second) maximum levels of gloss, durability, hardness, surface slip, water behaviour & self-cleaning are achieved.

NOVA Si bonds to NOVA EVO while its curing so there is no compromise in durability. The coating system will realistically last between 3-5 years. Both coatings are also extremely chemical resistant, which will see it battle the likes of bird droppings, tar, sap & other problems with ease.



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