Clay Bar

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The Concours CLAY Bar is now back in a new 200g variant, with better clay quality ensuring a finer, and more safer claying process. 


The new and improved Concours Clay Bar is now the result of 5 years of development, testing numerous amounts of different clay bars, constantly looking for the best, finest and safest clay bar on the market. We are confident that the new Concours CLAY bar is more durable, finer and safer to use - whilst still being a cost effective and quality product. 

The use of this clay bar along with a Clay Lubricant, such as Concours PURIFY will allow for the safe removal of all contaminants such as industrial fallout, oxidation from acid rain, or exhaust pollutants. 

This unique clay bar allows us to combat the contamination on our cars, and get them ready to be waxed, sealed or coated. 



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