Nova Jet | Hydrophobic Spray Coating

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Incredible water-repllency, effortless maintenance. 

JET is our signature spray coating which propelled the development of the NV range. The glossy Sio2 mix boasts a super hydrophobic surface structure, water flies off and keeps the surface cleaner for longer. Jet is in a class of its own.

  • UV protection
  • Good Environmental Resistance 
  • Deep Gloss
  • Slick
  • Super Hydrophobic!
  • Up to 6 months durability (Every month for max performance)
  • 25ml per application
What is Nova?

NOVA is a group of formulations that protect and enhance surfaces on your vehicle. They are based on the very latest frontier of Sio2 technology. Simply put, they are supercharged synthetic waxes. Unlocking new levels of gloss, durability, resistance, and protection for your vehicle. The spray coatings are all incredibly easy to use and boast fantastic performance. Using only 25ml per application, they have a level of cost performance that can't be beaten. 

The Jet Effect 

There is great sheeting, there is tight beading, then there is JET. With the ultimate contact angle, water beads form no bigger than a pea size before rushing off the vehicle taking any loose contamination off with it. This allows the surface to stay cleaner for longer and make the whole cleaning process much easier. 

  • Simple and easy Spray and Wipe application
  • Spray Nova Jet onto a clean microfiber cloth, or the surface of the vehicle
  • Wipe on with a clean microfiber cloth such as the 4 Seasons 
  • Buff off the residue with another clean microfiber cloth



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