MONSOON | Waffle Weave Drying Towel

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Highly absorbent drying towel featuring a waffle weave design, promoting a safer drying experience for your vehicle.

The MONSOON waffle weave drying towel is a specialized microfiber that improves the quality & safety of your drying process. It is made out of 100% Korean manufactured fibres with high-quality suede edging to ensure maximum safety. 

Microfiber technology allows any dirt, debris and contamination to be trapped inside the fibres, away from the paintwork. Old school chamois's that don't have this technology end up dragging inevitable dust and other debris all over your car in the drying process - creating wash marring, scratches and swirls. Not to mention microfiber also has the highest absorbency, making the drying process not only safer but so much quicker. 

Waffle Weave Design

The waffle weave construction is an innovative design that makes the drying towel easier to use and extra safe. As less material is touching the car, it will glide over the surface effortlessly, and be much easier to wring out once the water has been absorbed.

As less material is touching the surface, it also decreases the likelihood of any damage occurring in the drying stage.  

  • 66cm x 77cm
  • 400gsm  
  • 100% suede microfiber edging 
  • Korean weave
  • Very soft, plush pile 
Care Instructions
  • Wash in warm water for best results (between 30-60 degrees celsius)
  • Can be machine washed, or just washed by hand
  • Do not use any fabric softeners as this can clog up the fibers
  • Use a soft, gentle detergent for cleaning


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