CLOUDBURST | Advanced Microfiber Wash Mitt

Product image 1CLOUDBURST | Advanced Microfiber Wash Mitt
Product image 2CLOUDBURST | Advanced Microfiber Wash Mitt
Product image 3CLOUDBURST | Advanced Microfiber Wash Mitt

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Transform your wash with this advanced microfiber wash mitt, using the latest microfiber technology to increase the effectiveness & safety of your wash. 

The Cloudburst Wash Mitt is a new innovative mitt that utilises a new weave of soft, korean twisted fibres. These new longer, twisted strands have a much greater surface area than regular short-pile mitts. This allows for much more dirt & debris to be trapped inside the mitt, allowing safe removal in a rinse bucket.

The longer strands, due to their increased surface area also hold more suds. This greatly increases the user experience & safety of the wash - making the mitt effortlessly glide over the car, making the wash feel so effortless. 

This style of washing prevents swirling and scratching that can be created in the wash process, as the contamination is safely removed from the surface and trapped in the high-quality microfiber, and easily rinsed off into a wash bucket. 

  • High density, plush microfiber
  • 100% Korean weave
  • 18 x 29cm 
Care Instructions
  • Wash in warm water for best results (between 30-60 degrees celsius)
  • Can be machine washed, or just washed by hand
  • Do not use any fabric softeners as this can clog up the fibers
  • Use a soft, gentle detergent for cleaning
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