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Product image 1Nova Boost | Quick Detailer
Product image 2Nova Boost | Quick Detailer
Product image 3Nova Boost | Quick Detailer

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Nv BOOST is an enhanced quick detailer designed for maintaining ceramic coatings. It rejuvenates the gloss, slickness and water behavior from coatings over-time. 

BOOST is a SiO2 enhanced quick detailer that is designed for maintaining ceramic coatings. BOOST doesn't just add a layer of protection over the surface, it rejuvenates the existing coating - boosting its gloss, slickness, and water-behavior over time and helps prevent water spotting between washes.

Apply BOOST with a simple spray & wipe application and instantly see the difference. The lost performance will be revived, and your coating will begin to illustrate levels of gloss & protection similar to day 1. 

Designed for Coatings

Boost is not designed to leave its own protection behind, but to compliment the surface it's working with. It is super simple in application, but extremely complex in what it does. It is made with a different set of subtle ingredients, designed to work in harmony with the top of the coating.

It helps clean, rejuvenate and enhance the hydrophobic and slick function of the coating. In turn, this keeps your coating at its maximum level of performance without masking any of its behaviors or benefits. A true coating booster. 

    1. Spray BOOST onto a clean microfiber cloth, or the surface of the vehicle
    2. Wipe on with a clean microfiber cloth such as the 4 Seasons 
    3. Buff off the residue with another clean microfiber cloth



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